Norbu Photoblog

A beach, the summer’s gone, a solitary walk on the beach.

"Slow Food"
A Retro-Vintage Synth Madness performed on KORG iMS-20.
Feel the brutal power of this black baby.

Created on KORG Gadget
©Andrea Bigiarini

Created on KORG Gadget

A NEW NEM PROVOCATIVE GALLERY - NEM boundless love. Curated by Rob Pearson-Wright. “Love is limitless and should have no boundaries. Show me your love!” NEM Boundlesslove, NEM Submissions, NEM Memories by Andrea “norbu56” Bigiarini on EyeEm
Made With Paper

A group of twisted monks are hiding in a cave and they’re planning to invade the earth.
Watch out!
“Music for Vintage Cosmonauts”
©Andrea Bigiarini

Tribute to Steve Jobs - Stay Hungry, stay foolish.
Andrea Bigiarini

NEM mood - the new NEM gallery curated by Maktub Street Dog. NEM Mood, NEM Submissions, NEM Black&white, NEM Landscapes by Andrea “norbu56” Bigiarini on EyeEm

The Ultra-Vintage Plastic piano and organs are here.
©Andrea Bigiarini